At the 2010 OISC AGM, 13 people were nominated for Life Membership and were voted in unanimously. Following this nomination of Life Members, each year members are considered by the Committee for Life Membership. These nominations are then voted on at the OISC AGM. Below is the list of OISC Life Members:

Mark Andrawos (2014)
Renato Arboit (2010)
Rick Calo (2010)
Anthony Caruso (2010)
Chris George (2010)
Daniel Hurt (2013)
Peter Krupka (2010)
David Leach (2010)
Pat Love (2010)
Chris Papps (2010)
Bob Parrington (2010)
Martin Radcliffe (2019)
Frank Spinelli (2010)
Marco Spinelli (2010)
Stephen Uren (2010)
Craig Walker (2010)